VIPMOAA prints and mails 11 newsletters per year (every month except July) to members. Editions are posted on our website, as well.  Web-posted newsletters are in COLOR, mailed newsletters are in black and white to save money on printing.  The following month's meeting info is in each newsletter (i.e. February meeting is in January's newsletter).


All VIPMOAA members, regular or auxiliary, are encouraged to submit articles for inclusion in the newsletter.  We will gladly include your ideas as space permits.  Articles should be of interest to a significant segment of our membership. They may include photos relevant to the piece.  Pictures should be submitted in separate file from text, preferably in JPEG format.All pictures should have a caption and a credit, if other than the author.  Input to the VIPMOAA newsletter is due to the editor by the 2nd Thursday of the month for the following month's newsletter.  Please keep items concise, and oriented toward our chapter of MOAA.

Instructions for submissions.

VIPMOAA Newsletter editor is Kathy Ridley

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