Virginia Council of Chapters MOAA

VIPMOAA is active in the Virginia Council of Chapters (VCOC) MOAA.

All Virginia chapters of MOAA are affiliated with the Virginia Council of Chapters (VCOC), which meets quarterly and holds two key legislative events each year - storming the state capitol in Richmond and the Virginia Congressional Luncheon in Washington DC.

VIPMOAA participates fully in the VCOC.  VIPMOAA member, LTC Blair Smith, USA (Ret) is a past president of the VCOC.  VIPMOAA's VCOC Rep is COL Jim Pauls, USAF (Ret).  VIPMOAA's Legislative Chair, Membership Chair and Public Affairs Officer are on VCOC committees.  VIPMOAA president and other VIPMOAA members participate in VCOC quarterly meetings and other events.

Visit the Virginia homepage for more information.

The Council Crier (Quarterly Newsletter of the VCOC)