Military Community Service/Scholarship Fund

Built with YOUR contributions


as of April 1, 2017

This fund was created by the VIPMOAA board in fall of 2011 in order for VIPMOAA to give stipends to community programs and scholarships to JROTC students, graduating and heading for college.  These presentations began in 2012, including scholarships for five JROTC students at peninsula high schools (see ROTC section of this website).  Other than the student awards, the type of "military community service" programs which may receive VIPMOAA donations from this fund are Wounded Warriors, USOs, Operation Homefront, and Honor Flight.  The number of donations and/or awards will be determined by the VIPMOAA Executive Board based on the amount of fund donations received the previous year.  Modifications to the program can be made by a majority vote of the members of the VIPMOAA Executive Board at any of their monthly board meetings.

ADDED TO THE BYLAWS 23 AUGUST 2012.  The program was officially added (as Article X) to VIPMOAA bylaws in the revision approved by membership at 23 August 2012 VIPMOAA meeting.

RECOGNIZING CONTRIBUTORS: VIPMOAA members who contribute/donate are listed in VIPMOAA newsletters.  Diamond level is for contributions of $1,000 or more, Platinum level for $500 - $999, Gold level for $100 - $499, Silver level for $50 - $99 and Bronze level for $25 - $49 donations.

NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  Donations to the VIPMOAA fund are NOT tax deductible.

SEPARATE FROM MOAA SCHOLARSHIPS & AWARDS.  This is separate and distinct from MOAA scholarships.  Recipients and contributors are not mutually exclusive.

The VIPMOAA fund is for local, Virginia Peninsula community programs/students.

You may make a donation to the VIPMOAA Military Community Service/Scholarship Fund when you send in your reservation check for any VIPMOAA chapter meeting (using the reservation coupon) or you may simply send a check directly to "VIPMOAA, ATTN: Military Community Service/Scholarship Fund Manager, Box 4305, Fort Eustis, VA 23604-0305".